Capital Improvements

Capital Improvement Planning

Your property management needs are unique. That is why DPM provides complete capital improvement planning for your property’s specific needs.

DPM senior management has extensive construction knowledge and specialized skills which sets us apart from other mgmt company’s whose focus is simply selling real estate.  We understand when a contractor quote is out of line with project at hand and push back for you to get the best possible contractor and pricing for your association.

Our complete capital improvement planning services include:

  • Create a scope of work for the required repairs
  • Obtain at minimum three comparable bids from licensed and insured contractors
  • Present the bids to the Association for approval
  • Manage and supervise the entire process from start to finish
  • Track and maintain all warranties and contracts

DPM values any individuals request to review his or her own contractor for any work being performed

These services are also available for individual unit owners


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