Denali Power (Half) Hour: The Collection Process

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / April 24, 2023

Thank you to Dan and Mary Katherine Kopec, of the Law Offices of Daniel Kopec located in Chester, NJ, for an educating our Boards and Managers on the legal the collection process, timeline, and pros and cons of settlements. I apologize for cutting Dan’s face off on the recording…. did not realize that was happening.…

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: Everything Amenities

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / December 20, 2022

Thank you to our guests from American Pools, Heartline Fitness and Planned Companies as they discussed a myriad of amenities and how communities can best manage them.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW-BhygFa2g

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Community Association Car Chat

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / November 28, 2022

Thank you to David Velasco and Steve Roderick with JGS Insurance for asking us to participate in the Community Association Car Chat. Click here to learn about the future of property management https://www.linkedin.com/posts/community-association-car-chat_carchatlive-insuranceisntboring-activity-7001907404627976193-NwHI?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: Maintaining the Life of Your Roof

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / September 5, 2022

Thank you to our guests Joe Cunningham and David Levy for sharing their product Roof Maxx with our property management community. https://youtu.be/PZOh3a4o8RA

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: The Value of Collection Companies

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / August 24, 2022

Thank you to Bob Gourley, of Axela Technologies, for sharing with our community, the value of using collection companies to reduce HOA accounts receivables. To view this webinar please click on https://youtu.be/yKP-SfOp2A0.

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: Spring into Savings with The Smart Valve

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / March 14, 2022

Thank you to Mike Stallings of Capital Distribution for educating our managers and community on the value and potential savings on their water bill by using The Smart Valve. Click the link to view this webinar https://youtu.be/jfy4ightNsc

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A professional team of property managers working in a big office.

Denali Power (Half) Hour: The Critical Responsibilities of Boards

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / February 28, 2022

Thank you to Caroline Record of Hill Wallach Attorneys at Law for educating us on the Critical Responsibilities of Boards. Click the link to view this webinar https://youtu.be/LGINZO9xSwA   Caroline Record Partner Cedar Knolls, NJ (973) 946-7020 direct dial (973) 946-7007 fax crecord@hillwallack.com

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Denali Power (Half) Hour- Radburn Law Regulations

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / January 28, 2022

Thank you to Chris Florio and Mary Barrett of Stark & Stark Attoneys at Law for educating us on the Radburn Amendments. Click link to view webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6q6KMoSMR8 Stark & Stark Phone: 609.895.7335 Fax: 609.896.0629 cflorio@stark-stark.com mbarrett@stark-stark.com 993 Lenox Dr, Building 2 Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: The Value of Audits

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / January 20, 2022

Thank you to Mohammed Salyani  of Wilkin and Guttenplan CPA’s & Advisors  for educating us on the value of association audits. Click link to view webinar https://youtu.be/SAvukF4hduc   Mohammed F. Salyani, CPA, FCCA (UK) WilkinGuttenplan | Principal Past President of the Community Associations Institute-New Jersey 732.846.3000 x109 | wgcpas.com East Brunswick | New York  

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Denali Power (Half) Hour: Don’t Say the ‘F’ Word

By Denali & MyPropertyBilling.com / December 14, 2021

Thank you to Cheryl Rhine of USI Insurance for educating us about flood insurance and claims. Click link to view webinar https://youtu.be/M9NibtgdVMo . Cheryl welcomes your calls and emails. Cheryl Rhine CIC, CIRMS, EBP Vice President USI Insurance Services 732.908.5551 | c: 732.616.4319 | f: 732.349.0186 Cheryl.Rhine@usi.com | www.usi.com

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