Property Management Technology

Technology: Keeping Your Residents Informed, Involved and Paid Up

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Technology for Homeowners

For homeowners, our progressive technology platform offers a range of features and benefits. Through our user-friendly interface, homeowners can effortlessly check their account balances, make online dues payments, and set up recurring payments for convenience. Our integrated chat functionality allows residents to connect with their neighbors, fostering a sense of community and facilitating communication.

Staying informed is essential, and our technology enables homeowners to receive news and announcements directly through the platform. Whether it's community updates, event notifications, or important announcements, residents will always be in the loop. Additionally, our mobile app provides on-the-go access to property-related information and sends text alerts for urgent matters, ensuring that homeowners are well-informed and prepared.

Access to community resources and documentation is made effortless with our technology solutions. Homeowners can conveniently access governing documents, rules and regulations, FAQs, and community insurance policies through our platform. This centralized repository ensures that residents have all the necessary information at their fingertips, saving them time and effort.

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For Homeowners, our progressive technology enables them to:

Check account balances

Pay dues online

Set-Up recurring payments

Chat with neighbors

Receive news and announcements

Submit 24/7 maintenance requests

Download a mobile app and receive text alerts

Access the community insurance policies

Access governing documents, rules & regs., FAQs etc.

Technology for Board Members

For board members, our property management technology offers a suite of powerful tools. They gain access to a comprehensive view of all owners' accounts, enabling efficient management and financial oversight. Our online archives store association documents, contracts, meeting minutes, and more, ensuring easy access to vital information for decision-making and reference.

Real-time violation and work order reports empower board members with up-to-date information on compliance issues and maintenance requests. Our bill-pay dashboard provides a streamlined process for reviewing and approving bills, simplifying financial management tasks. Board members can access real-time accounts receivable and accounts payable reports, bank balances, and a robust monthly financial package, ensuring transparency and financial accountability.

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For Board Members, Denali Property Management provides:

Access to all owners' accounts.

Online archives of association documents, contracts, meeting minutes, and more!

Violation & work order management tools.

Bill-pay dashboard to review and approve all bills.

Real-time AR and AP reports, bank balances, & a robust monthly financial package

Legal status history on all collection accounts

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Seamless Management Experience

At Denali Property Management, our commitment to cutting-edge technology sets us apart from our competitors. By integrating banking, invoicing, bill pay, collections, legal, email, work order, violation, and concierge systems, we offer a seamless management experience to your community. The result is faster response times, reduced errors, and lower fees, allowing your association to operate efficiently and effectively. Request a quote today and experience the difference our property management technology can make for your community.

Cutting Edge Technologies Keep Us Ahead of Our Competitors

The value of technology for homeowners is simple: it improves communication, and allows homeowners ease of payment and access to information. 

For our Boards: we allow access to our systems allowing for 24/7 invoice approval, real-time financial reports and bank balances, and legal and violation status reports.

Work orders are addressed quickly through online work orders, and communication between the manager and homeowner is documented.

With all our banking, invoicing, bill pay, collections, legal, email, work order, violation and concierge systems integrated, we can provide seamless management to your community with faster response times, fewer errors, and lower fees.