Taking Your Property to the Next Level With Denali

At Denali Property Management, we understand the value of a well-managed property.

Denali Property Management understands the importance of maintaining and improving your property. That's why we offer comprehensive capital improvement services to help our clients take their property to the next level. Our team of experts located in Jersey City, NJ, is dedicated to ensuring that your property remains competitive in the market while enhancing its value.

Develop the Proper Scope of Work

Our team helps you develop the proper scope of work to ensure that your capital improvement project aligns with your goals. We work with you to identify the scope of the project, determine the budget, and establish timelines.

Prequalify Contractors for Specific Trades Involved

Finding the right contractors for your capital improvement project can be difficult. We help you prequalify contractors for the specific trades involved in the project to ensure that you're working with the best professionals in the industry.

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Scheduling & Overseeing the Work

As your trusted partner in property management, we take care of scheduling and overseeing the work for your capital improvement project. Our team works closely with contractors to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Providing Close-out Protocols & Reports

Our team provides you with comprehensive close-out protocols and reports to ensure that all documentation is in place and that warranties are being tracked and enforced. We make sure that your capital improvement project is legally compliant and meets all regulations.

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Mckinney, TX USA - March 1, 2021: Roof inspector climbing up to the roof to check the damage after a hail

Our Project Management specialists handle everything incuding:

Developing the Proper Scope of Work

Helping to Determine if Additional Professionals are Needed (Engineers, etc.)

Helping to Determine Permit & Approval Requirements

Prequalifying Contractors for the Specific Trades Involved

Attending Bidders' Meetings & Preparing Pid Packages

Preparing Bid Leveling Charts & Making Bidder Recommendations

Specifying Contract Language

Scheduling & Overseeing the Work

Communication with All Parties

Providing Close-out Protocols & Reports

Tracking & Maintaining Warranties

DPM values any individual's request to review his or her own contractor for any work being performed. These services are also available for individual unit owners.

The Value of Project Management Specialists

Our team at Denali Property Management is dedicated to providing you with the best capital improvement services in Jersey City, NJ. We work hard to ensure that your project is a success, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the results. So contact us today to take your property to the next level.