4 Main Property Types Denali Property Management Serves

Denali Property Management offers the best property management services in New Jersey with a focus on property and condo communities. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service, cutting-edge technology, and financial transparency. Below, we'll take a look at some of the main property types we serve in New Jersey. Reach out today!

denali property management offers property management services to HOAs in New Jersey


An HOA, or homeowners association, is formed from homeowners in a community with the purpose of making and enforcing rules for that community. They are usually run by a board of directors who oversees the operations. Our job is to partner with the board to help them with their property management needs, which include capital improvements, financial and accounting help, and more.


A condominium community is a set of buildings that are similar to apartments, but they are individually owned. The owners of the condos pay fees to their association, which then manages the shared common areas, such as the pool and other amenities. Denali Property Management provides condo property management by offering help with maintenance and back office services, such as paying dues online and more.

denali property management offers property management services to condominiums in New Jersey
denali property management offers property management services to townhomes in New Jersey


Townhomes are multi-floor homes that are adjacent to one another in a community. Similar to condominiums, they are individually owned as well, with an association who manages shared areas as well. Many have community pools, golf courses, and more. Our New Jersey property management company can help with community websites and technology offerings.

Adult Communities

Adult communities, or senior living communities, are designed for Americans 55 years and older who want to live independently but who also want to have nearby amenities to enjoy. These can be condos, apartment-style living, townhomes, or more. Our property management company partners with adult communities to help with managing their back office work, such as accounting and budget preparation, as well as maintenance, website, and other technology issues.


Denali Property Management has over 20 years of experience serving New Jersey communities and associations with the best property management services. You'll have a dedicated property manager who will help you with your needs. Reach out for a free quote today!

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