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What Can Property Management Companies Do For Me?

Property management companies are an integral part of the real estate industry. They help landlords manage their properties, ensuring that tenants have a safe and clean environment to live in. But what can they do for you? Here are 4 things property management companies can do for you:

1) Assist with marketing your available units

A property management company can list your available units on the most popular real estate websites and directories. They can also place ads in local newspapers to market your properties and maximize exposure. Property managers are experts at filling vacant spaces quickly so you don’t have to worry about losing rental income while waiting for a tenant.

2) Provide tenant screening services

A good property manager will use their resources to help you find the right tenant. They can check credit, employment and rental history reports so that you don’t have to pay for background checks yourself. This service ensures that your properties are getting into responsible hands who won’t cause any damage or be late on rent payments.

3) Perform pre-rental inspections

A property management company will conduct thorough inspections of your units before tenants move into them. This way, they can identify any damages that need to be repaired or replaced and ensure the unit is ready for immediate occupancy once a lease agreement has been signed.

4) Manage repairs and maintenance issues

Your property management company will ensure that you are notified of any maintenance issues as soon as they arise. They can handle the repairs themselves or recommend contractors who can complete the job for a fair price. This prevents damages from piling up which could lead to costly expenses and inconvenient tenant interruptions later on in your relationship with them.


To summarize, property management companies can assist with marketing your available units, provide tenant screening services, conduct pre-rental inspections and manage repairs and maintenance issues.

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